In a well-known Tennessee theme park, two award-winning musicians stunned the crowd by performing a lovely duet. Video

Dolly Parton is a well-known Hollywood legend who excels at all things. Over her remarkable career, she has produced

countless great songs and starred in a number of successful movies. Dolly, who is now in her 70s, shows no signs of slowing down.

Dolly collaborated with musician Natalie Grant, as evidenced by the YouTube video. It’s obvious that Dolly’s arrival

was both utterly unexpected and very much appreciated. When the ‘Jolene’ vocalist arrives on stage at Dollywood, the audience erupts in jubilation.

Dolly and Natalie delight the audience to a performance of ‘Just a Little Conversation with Jesus’

after exchanging a few warm greetings. Dolly gently prompts Natalie to start the song by singing the first line.

The song’s introductory verses emphasize how Jesus Christ showed off His boundless love, kindness, and grace while He was still a sinner.

Natalie sings that it was ‘just a small discussion with Jesus’ that changed everything after Christ cleansed her heart and ‘wrote my name above.’

Dolly then joins Natalie in the chorus’ catchy and truth-filled refrain about relying on Jesus Christ’s strength, love, and fidelity.

‘Let’s tell Him all we’re going through.’
Our smallest cries will be heard by Him, and He will respond eventually.

These are strong statements that serve as a compelling reminder that Christ cares about every roadblock we encounter.

He wants us to present Him with our concerns and pleas so He can receive them. As stated in the song’s chorus, Jesus will respond to such prayer requests as soon as possible.

Dolly sings the song’s final lyric, which emphasizes that even in the face of our worries and sorrows,

Christ is a dependable friend and Savior who will never abandon us. He is a friend who is always on guard, day and night. The verse continues, ’Christ knows our every care.’

Natalie and Dolly have a blast amusing the crowd in the park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

What a fantastic concert from two amazing vocalists! What a unique treat for park visitors who just happened to be there on that particular day.

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