A Phantom of the Opera Song Is Surprisedly Performed by a Blind Singer, Who Receives a Standing Ovation from the Audience…Video

No matter where one comes from, music has the power to inspire and uplift individuals in many different ways.

Music truly is the worldwide language, and one person has demonstrated this through one of the most challenging times in recent history for many people all across the world.

Such lady is a woman who, during the coronavirus outbreak, gave her neighbors an unexpected show in front of her house.

She gave a special performance, however, in recognition of those who have significantly contributed to the healing of the planet.

She was given the chance to perform on television with one of the performers she most admires almost three years later.

From the Welsh town of Bridgend, Anne Wilkins is blind and has performed all over the world. Wilkins, a gifted soprano and singing instructor,

would not allow her illness stand in the way of her desire to sing. In addition to participating in the

RNIB Task Group,which works to increase the accessibility of Braille music, she even conducts Braille classes.

In 2020, when people gathered to applaud for the National Health Service (NHS), Wilkins shocked her neighbors by doing several performances.

Everyone was speechless after she and her neighbor, West End actor Alyn Hawke, performed ‘Over The Rainbow’ together.

Hawke proposed that Wilkins perform for her neighbors because she has always been an admirer of his.

After thousands of people in the UK watched the film online, he then shared the recording of Wilkins singing.

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