First time a deaf baby heard his or her mother say ’I love you.’ Afterwards, the entire internet started to cry.

Charlie’s parents quickly realized something was amiss with their child. She didn’t say anything. They began to suspect that their daughter had a hearing impairment.

Of course, you want the best for your child and do everything you can to support him as a parent. So Charlie’s mother took her to the doctor right away.

Hearing helps youngsters from an early age to develop their thoughts and emotional stability.

Although it is uncommon for young children to have hearing loss, it is crucial to provide your child

with assistance as soon as you can if you believe this may be the situation with your child.Early assistance can aid a child’s language development.

Also, their language will develop more quickly the earlier infants receive the proper tools.
Although Charlie’s

parents were aware of the issue from an early stage, they weren’t sure if a hearing aid would be of any use.

Asking a young toddler who hasn’t mastered crawling is difficult. Her mother was terrified when they inserted Charlie’s hearing aid, but she also had optimism.

Charlie’s eyes immediately widened when she heard her mother’s voice. In fact, Charlie started crying when she heard her mother’s voice because it was so emotional.

Even a baby can experience so many different emotions at once, which is incredible.

Nobody will ever fully understand how small Charlie felt when she first heard her mother’s voice.

Although though Charlie still has a few minutes until she begins speaking, she is unquestionably moving in the right path.

See Charlie’s emotional response in the video below:

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