A TV anchor has a giggle attack after seeing a video of a ‘CPR-trained’ baby.

As the clip opens, the reporter says, ’And this little baby.’ A young child may be seen on screen who appears to be wearing a pink shirt and white pants.

Walking is still difficult for her, just like it is for many kids her age. She has discovered a special skill set, though:

CPR instruction! As the video goes on, we see the young one giving the ‘victim’ chest compressions and confirming that they are breathing.

The reporter starts chuckling as the video continues to play. It is simple to understand why. The mannequin used during CPR, the ‘victim,’ is considerably larger than the young child!

Nonetheless, the young girl seems unconcerned by this size disparity as she continues to perform CPR with enthusiasm.

She’s really adorable. Oh my god,’ the reporter exclaims. The young child then turns her head to face the camera, which causes the reporter to start giggling.

Before stating that they must leave so that she can ‘stop her laughter,’ she grins a little more as

the baby girl continues CPR. The reporter is seen again in the video, plainly giggling the entire time.

The reporter manages to remark, despite her laughing, ‘Thank you to our producer, Dale, for supplying that. As the video comes to an end, she finishes her outro while continuing to chuckle.

Her form wasn’t exactly correct, some viewers remarked, and others pointed out that her ‘chest compressions’ weren’t actually compressing.

Still, we thought her attempt was excellent. She’s already mastered the most of the fundamentals,

so when she learns to work and grows a little bit bigger, we’re confident she’ll be well on her way to a career in medicine!

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