Three little dancers line up, but the middle dancer steals the show. Video

Three adorable children are welcomed by the announcer at the beginning of the video. The girls are wearing red poodle skirts, and the male is clothed in all-black.

They dance together and move like dogs. As the females perform a sweet dance behind him, the kid suddenly

sprints forward and leans over to display his incredible headstand. The young man shows that he can maintain his remarkable maneuver for a long time.

They command the stage as they make hound dog motions and sob. The amazing moves include round-offs,

reverse walkovers, and touching their head with their feet. The three children end the performance strongly,

and the choreography is wonderful. The audience applauds enthusiastically. As the trio leaves the stage, the joy on the young performers’ faces speak for themselves.

It is encouraging to see young individuals with such confidence in front of a crowd as we watch this video.

Each one contributes a special talent and character. The boys with his suave hair has energy and flare, and the females with their swinging side ponytails have charm and sass.

A preschooler can only be taught so much; the rest comes from natural talent. These children possess both! They deserve nothing but praise from their teacher and parents.

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