Baby wants a haircut, cuts it himself, and then starts to explain it to dad.

For good reasons, children’s safety scissors are produced. Kids are inherently interested and will try all kinds of things out;

after all, they have to learn things for themselves because they weren’t born knowing everything.

Even if not every experiment succeeds, failure is a necessary element of learning how the world functions.

In this case, a little girl discovered that it’s best to leave hair cutting to the pros! Ashleigh, a three-year-old kid who is utterly endearing, made the decision to cut her own hair.

It appears that she reached just about every place she could. As a result, from the front, it appears to be a nice haircut…

for a businessman! Yet there’s something that like a mullet in the back. Maybe she’ll invent the next big thing in ‘business casual’ with this outfit. Or not.

Ashleigh and her father talk briefly about her hair-cutting mishap in the video that is provided below.

She claims that Miss Jessica cuts hair, thus that’s why she did it. It’s not a shocking answer because young children frequently try to mimic what they see adults doing.

Ashleigh says, ’I want to know how to do weaving too,’ as her father mentions that Jessica attended school to learn how to do it.

She comes up with an explanation after acknowledging she shouldn’t cut hair if she doesn’t know how:

’I was simply practicing today.’ The father-daughter discussion goes for a while, and then the would-be coiffeuse makes an incredibly hilarious request to conclude it.

This video either enchanted or amused you, or did it do both? Have you ever had to cope with a child’s self-inflicted haircut’s aftereffects?

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