A video of a dancing elderly security guard at a Taylor Swift concert has gone viral. Amazing video below

One of the biggest names in Hollywood, if not the biggest, is Taylor Swift. The young woman constantly sells a ton of CDs and fills entire stadiums with her catchy, chart-topping hits.

For months, a ticket to her recently announced tour has been a highly sought-after and difficult-to-find item.

The singer of ‘Shake It Off’ has begun his tour. She began by doing two concerts in Arizona over the weekend.

In one YouTube video, revelers are shown enjoying a great time in Glendale, Arizona, on the tour’s second night.

Others can be seen singing and dancing along while Taylor sings ‘Blank Space,’ one of her many songs,

in the video. The footage demonstrates that concertgoers weren’t the only ones having a good time, though.

An elderly woman who was working security during the performance showed off while clearly enjoying herself at least as much as those around her.

She goes back and forth in the aisle while turning and turning. Just a picture-perfect illustration of unrestrained happiness and delight!

The woman sings along to the well-known song, showing what a huge Taylor Swift fan she is.

The background of the video shows another security guard who appears to be charmed by his colleague’s cheerful actions. His face is grinning broadly.

In the end of the video, a few concertgoers point in her direction while grinning broadly, seemingly noticing the dancing security.

If we could all go to work and have as much fun as that female security guard, the world would be a much better place!

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