The extraordinary twins have already grown up, and the mother made a very beautiful photo session with them

All babies are born beautiful and wonderful in their own way. And it doesn’t matter what color their skin is, what tribe they are from, who their parents are and what they have achieved in life.

But there are children who are born very unique. Like the children of Nigerian-born Canadian photographer Judith Nwokochi.

A boy named Kamis has dark skin, black hair and brown eyes, just like his mother. But the sister, Kachi, is albino and radically different from her brother.

Judith says she’s always dreamed of having twins, and even when she went for the ultrasound, she was sure what she was going to be told.

The hospital confirmed that her dream will come true because there are indeed two children under her heart.

The next ultrasound saddened the woman, revealing that one of the babies was likely to be born with Down syndrome.

‘At 7 weeks Kachi was behind everything, he was very small and not growing. I remember the doctors saying that he might not survive. I am very happy that he survived.’

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, the examination revealed that the girl had stopped growing.She needed

emergency surgery to survive. The mother had a caesarean section. The first Kamsi was born on 21, 44, followed by Kachi.

When Judith first held the baby, she couldn’t believe it was her daughter and waited for the doctors

to tell her it was a mistake, but all she heard from the nurse was how beautiful her daughter was.

Indeed, aside from poor eyesight and sensitive skin, Kachi is perfectly healthy. Of course, he attracts the attention of many people,

and those around him look at them with bewilderment, but this does not bother the mother of the newborn at all.

‘It took me a while to realize that I would have to raise an albino. I was worried about what people would say.

It is very unusual to give birth to one albino and one black child. I was saddened and worried about how they would fit into society, how they would be treated.’

The relationship between brother and sister is very warm and friendly, and mom says that ‘they don’t notice anything strange.’

They are both very lucky to have each other.

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