One young lady’s exceptional talent astounded the judges and crowd… The incredible video below

Many people want to be actors, dancers, or singers. But some people are blessed with additional skills

that don’t easily fit into those predetermined categories. God endows every individual with a unique set of traits, features, interests, and skills.

Geneviève Cté is gifted with abilities that aren’t frequently seen or heard of. Geneviève tells the judges on Canada’s Got Talent that she ‘likes making noise’ before she performs.

The judges’ replies make it evident that they are unsure of how to interpret what she said. The judges and the audience,

however, are completely astounded and cannot believe what they are hearing just seconds into her act.

She produces a number of sounds and their echoes that exactly like a movie’s score. She makes noises that are similar to a monkey, a dolphin, birds, and other jungle-related sounds in quick succession.

Howie Mandel’s mouth drops in shock during her performance. The camera also captures a number of stunned spectators, mouths open in shock.

Geneviève receives a standing ovation from the judges and audience for her exceptional and first-ever performance. She is overcome by the gracious response.

Howie complements Geneviève profusely. He cannot believe what he just heard, just like the audience or everybody who watches the clip. Howie responds by slamming the Golden Buzzer.

Geneviève is struck with emotion once more. Her face was covered with happy tears! Howie remarked, ‘Well, I’ll tell you one thing, you made me very proud.’

‘I want to be on this show for this reason. I want to be on this show because of you. I can’t wait for the world to see you because I’m so excited.’

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