The doctors did not give hope to the relatives of the man who was in coma after a terrible accident…What his wife did in the following years will amaze and thrill you

The Chinese man was in a coma for 5 years. All this time his wife faithfully followed him. He was with her about 20 hours a day, approximately 2000 days.

In 2013, Li Zhihua had a terrible accident. He collided with a motorcycle while driving a scooter on his way to work, the man suffered a head injury and fell into a coma.

The woman did not leave her husband, she personally fought for his life, slept two to three hours a day, and spent the rest of the time feeding the man and talking with him.

He has lost about 10 kilos in all that time. After waking up, Mr. Lee said to his wife. ‘I love you’.

Attending doctor Wang Qinyan told reporters. ‘When he was taken to the hospital, he was in a vegetative state. He could not answer any question.

His wife, 57-year-old Zhang Gihuan, remembers. ‘The doctor told me that he might never come out of the coma.’

The woman decided to prove to the doctors that they are wrong, their predictions are wrong.

The wife played his favorite songs for him, talked to him, massaged him, hoping that his condition would improve.

All this continued for more than a year.

According to the doctor, although the man could not speak and answer his wife, he understood what was happening around him.

Mr Lee miraculously recovered last year.The man remained in the hospital to undergo rehabilitation therapy.Ms. Zhang said.

‘I didn’t even think about giving up. As long as he lives, I will serve him.’

Senior nurse Xia Li said. ‘She was patiently teaching her husband to move again, showing him the moves without complaining or getting irritated.’

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