This dog survived a long enough life to accompany her owner to the altar. Watch the heartwarming video below…

One of the most significant days of your life will probably be your wedding, and you’ll want to celebrate it with the people and creatures you hold most dear.

Several couples decide to include their animals to their nuptials. Many couples have told us stories about how they involve their dogs in the wedding planning process,

sometimes even making the dog the ‘best man.’ The story of a dog with cancer who survived long enough to walk his owners down the aisle at their wedding, however, will touch your heart more than any other.

When Kelly O’Connell was 19, a mixed-breed black Labrador named Charlie came into her life. Veterinarian Kelly O’Connell practices.

An abandoned puppy was found sitting in a shopping cart in the midst of winter. Kelly had no immediate plans to have a dog, but when she first saw the puppy,

she knew it was love at first sight. ‘I’m not positive of what it was. I simply replied, ‘Yeah, this is my dog.’ She informed the Denver Channel of her plans to do so by declaring, ‘I’m bringing him home.

Charlie made a lasting impact on Kelly’s life, and the two of them grew close. The owner’s extremely energetic dog served as inspiration for him to begin jogging,

and he attributes his decision to begin running to the dog. One of her main worries when she first met James Garvin,

the vet who would become her future husband, was whether he and his kids would get along with Charlie. Because Charlie was so essential to her, she did this. They did, much to our great relief.

Charlie doesn’t get along with anyone, but Kelly said that ‘He fell in love with them the instant he saw them.’

She reportedly told CNN that he eventually developed sentiments for him that were similar to mine. After 15 years of dating, Charlie, on the other hand, started to slow down.

When Charlie had a seizure, a brain tumor was discovered after it was noticed that he wasn’t as active as he usually was. ‘[Charlie] was a metaphor for family bonding.’

The couple was occupied with wrapping up wedding preparations as everything else was happening. In the week before the wedding,

Charlie experienced five seizures, which Kelly admitted ‘broke her heart’ while discussing in an interview with People.

We debated killing him, but ultimately decided against it because he appeared to be getting better.

Charlie appeared to be hanging on just long enough to attend his owners’ wedding and make sure he was present for the important occasion.

Even though Charlie’s sickness had left him frail and he was on the edge of death, he mustered the will to

walk down the aisle with Kelly and James as they exchanged wedding vows.There could be nine separate people being portrayed.

The incident shocked everyone, and Kelly couldn’t help but think back to the day she got married and how proud she was of her dog and how much it meant to her.

‘We didn’t really pay much attention to anyone. We just went down on our knees and kept saying, ‘You did it, buddy,’ without doing anything extra. You were prosperous. You’re here now.

You mentioned that ‘everyone was crying.’ It turned out to be one of their last memories together because Charlie died unexpectedly just nine days after the ceremony.

Kelly was saddened by the loss of her best friend, but she was glad Charlie could attend the memorial service.

She was happy that Jen Dziuvenis, their wedding photographer, had captured the heartfelt moments on camera.

They are the memories that are still present. All she could do, she said, was be grateful for him, his presence, and the years they had shared.

He may also be seen grinning in the pictures. There is no way to argue against it. His grin is contagious.

She apparently showed her sorrow by adding, ‘I’ll miss Charlie, he was my greatest buddy,’ according to People.

Nonetheless, nobody will ever forget him. The pictures that were taken at his wedding will also be a constant reminder of him.

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