On America’s Got Talent, young dancer siblings battle against one another. Video

A brother and sister compete against one another on America’s Got Talent to see who has the greatest group of young dancers. D’Angelo, Ruby’s older brother, is twelve years old, and Ruby is nine.

D’Angelo was dressed in a tie and suspenders, while Amanda, his sidekick, was donning a vibrant green frock. Amanda, who is thirteen, has been dancing with D’Angelo for a very long time.

The ten-year-old Jonas is Ruby’s dance partner. Although the siblings have a great bond with one another, there is undoubtedly friendly competitiveness amongst them.

D’Angelo informs Amanda that while he wishes the best for his sister, he also believes things will go wrong. Ruby, on the other hand, is certain that she will surpass her brother.

The performances were all excellent, but Ruby and Jonas’ were particularly energizing and stylish. Everyone was in awe of the young partner dancers’ skill, and they received continuous applause from the audience.

D’Angelo demonstrated that he and Amanda had been together for a few more years than he and his sister did. They performed a routine that wasn’t a dance. It told a parodic tale with lots of humor.

Both of their performances were praised by the judges. They continued to struggle against one another as they advanced to the next round of the opposition. There was no shortage of compliments for the two youthful dance troupes.

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