Woman Discovers Her Real Mother on Facebook After Decades of Looking and Meets Her Grandmother…But after one day from reunion unexpected happened

After decades of seeking, an adopted woman discovered her mother through a DNA website and Facebook, allowing her to meet her grandma only days before she passed away.

Rachel Ruiz has always been aware of her adoption. She received a handwritten note from her biological mother for her future daughter on her 18th birthday,

in which she expressed her wish that they would one day meet. But the material was scant, insufficient for an effective web search.

’I didn’t feel that I needed to discover the solutions to complete myself, but I’m very glad I found my biological family,’ the speaker said.

Years later, the now-35-year-old visited ancestory.com, where she found her grandfather’s obituary and the information she needed to locate her birth mother, Angie Howard.

Finally finding the 52-year-old woman on Facebook, she recognized her right away since they resembled each other so much.

She received a happy response from her birth mother via a Facebook message on Christmas Day.

Just in time for Rachel to meet her grandma, Mary, Angie’s 91-year-old mother, the two were reunited while, coincidentally, dressed similarly.

Photographer Rachel described it as ‘like a missing piece.’

Her parents had planned to give her the present when she reached 18 ever since they had adopted her at the age of two weeks.

‘She made me this gorgeous crocheted blanket, and they had it. When she was born, she was given a lovely gold

baby ring and a message that read, ‘You were with me for nine months.’ I hope to see you again someday. I will never forget you.

Rachel also received adoption documents, which said that she was born in Louisiana with the last name Deveraux despite several areas being blank.

Despite the fact that her Facebook search turned up no relatives, an obituary appeared. There were six kids total, including three daughters.

Because of Angie’s age, she approached her.

She took a while to open my message; I believe it was lost in her message requests because we weren’t close.On Christmas morning, she had responded when I awoke. I immediately broke down in tears.

She responded, ‘I can’t believe it’s you, you’ve found me, what a miracle,’ after I sent her a copy of the letter she wrote to me.

‘I had the discussion printed out and showed my parents.‘We were all really affected by it.’

The mother and daughter have been communicating daily since Christmas till they finally met as adults one month later.

Rachel recounted, ‘I could see her drive up and my heart was thumping out of my chest.’

’As she arrived at the front step, she removed her coat and dropped her purse there. ‘I can’t believe it’s you, she said as she gave me the largest hug.

‘Looking in the mirror, that’s how it felt. She resembled a more mature version of me. She even had comparable style to mine; she was wearing a crop top tee, wide leg denim, and Converse.

My husband’s jaw dropped to the ground. That was like watching two clones, he claimed.

After engaging in hours of conversation, Rachel and Angie went to visit Rachel’s grandmother Mary, who passed away three days later.

It appeared to be her last task in life. I visited my cousins, aunts, and uncles at the funeral.

Currently, Rachel considers herself fortunate to have two families, including a half-sister who resided close by in Lehi, Utah.

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