‘Sweetheart, closed the door.’ See this amazing scene as a wild black bear obeys an instruction to close a door.

‘Sweetheart, shut the door.’ See this amazing scene as a wild black bear obeys an instruction to shut a door.

Susan Kehoe of New Jersey has been receiving visits from Mr. Bear for a while now. In actuality, they appear to be platonic friends.

Although Susan appears to be very familiar with Mr. Bear, I would be scared that he would decide to devour me.

Susan documents her minute-long encounter with an unexpected visitor in a popular TikTok video that has earned more than four million views.

She first informs her audience that it is snowing outside before saying, ‘Let’s see how much snow we have,’ as she opens her front door.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Bear is positioned on the porch. I think I would have suffered a heart attack. Susan, however, is at ease and delighted to see Mr. Bear.

She then says, as if it were commonplace, ‘Not only do we have snow, we have a bear,’ before saying to the bear, ‘Mr. Bear, look at the snow on you.’

After his cordial visit, Mr. Bear eventually decides it’s time to retire for the evening. But this is where the surprising shift in the video occurs.

Mr. Bear is wandering off when Susan calls to him. Hey Hon, come over here, she commands. Please close the door before you go as a courtesy to me.

Mr. Bear enters the house through the wooden door and climbs up the porch before grabbing the front doorknob with his mouth.

Susan remarks, ‘Such a good boy.’ Just as the door begins to creak, Mr. Bear is about to close it. I cherish you.

Mr. Bear must be polite because we recently saw a wild bear close a door on order. Are you equally as shocked as I am?

What I just seen with my own eyes is unbelievable! Visit Susan’s YouTube channel to see a mother bear swinging in a hammock if you still find it hard to believe what you just seen.

As with any species, survival depends on showing respect and keeping your distance. May Susan’s film of

Mr. Bear serve as a reminder that we shall one day be able to freely interact with lions, wolves, and bears in heaven.

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