The high school student couldn’t afford the dream dress, but the boy on the prom date did something incredibly beautiful… Video

Parker had no sewing skills at all. But, he persisted in learning in order to give his date the dream outfit of her fantasies.

The night of the prom is meant to be a memorable occasion filled with joy and celebrations. Nevertheless, let’s face it, it may also be costly.

Addi Rust didn’t realize how much it would cost when she and her best friend Parker Smith agreed to attend the high school prom.

Fortunately for her, though, her inventive date set to work creating a unique, dream garment!

Parker made the decision to do this after learning how costly prom gowns are.

As they both became aware of the high price of prom dresses, he was inspired to do something special for his date.

According to USA Today, attending prom often costs $600.

It is rather pricey, so if you don’t want to shell out so much cash, creating a dress at home is a fantastic alternative.

Addi had been joking about Parker creating her the dress at first.

Parker was capable of the job, nevertheless, after some serious consideration. He had never previously sewed anything.

Before constructing this outfit, he had no prior sewing knowledge.

Parker, though, was adamant about wearing her ideal outfit.

He had never sewn before, so he started by sketching a design based on what his date might like before going to his grandmother for sewing lessons.

He spent months making adjustments to the outfit, and he didn’t stop until the night of prom.

Even the night before prom, ‘I’m such a perfectionist that I was up adding extra stones to the outfit.’

Other requests for outfits arrived after he impressed his date with the dress he designed for her.It makes sense because she resembled a real-life princess from a fairy tale.

When Parker showed Addi the finished result, Addi claims she started crying.It was definitely her ideal dress, and it meant a lot to her.

But, the ‘dreams coming true’ continued after that. Several clients contacted him when his story appeared in the media.

Parker was eager to accept the challenge when soon local theatrical companies began asking him to create costumes for their plays.

He created the costume for Cinderella in one play, which must change from a peasant robe to a lovely ball gown.

Even with all of his success, Parker is still taken aback by the response.

He can’t believe something so extraordinary could have occurred to him.Also, he has personally benefited from this opportunity to create. He says to FOX59:

‘To me, it’s quite sentimental. Particularly when everything is put together and there is simply no other sensation.

Seems weird to imagine that something like that could originate from a little child. The child I already know myself to be was only made richer by it.’

This teenager is currently considering a profession in design.

Parker is now pursuing musical theatre and costume design in college. His new objective is to create Broadway costume designs.

Without thoughtfully selecting to sew a dress for his date, who knows if he would have discovered his passion?

Learn more about this touching tale by watching the video below!

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