Brad Pitt allowed his 90-year-old neighbor to stay in his house, but only under one condition. That condition will surprise you

Brad Pitt’s beauty is legendary. But no less amazing stories can be told about his kindness. For example, about how Brad understands his 90-year-old neighbor.

Brad Pitt allowed a man to live in his house and did not demand anything in return. Thus, the man lived his death with the actor for free at the age of 105.

Not only this neighbor, by the way, Brady is considered kind. The moral qualities of the famous person have always been praised by another of his neighbors, Cassandra Peterson.

Why did Brad Pitt let a man live in his house?

Brad Pitt used to have a desire to build a large estate. However, the budget allowed. Therefore, the actor

began to slowly convince his neighbors to sell him plots. But Pete did not do it at all intrusively and did not resort to harsh methods.

Actress Cassandra Peterson was one of Pete’s neighbors. It was she who told the press what good moves Brad Pitt is capable of and what a wonderful person he is.

Cassandra mentioned that an elderly man lived in one of the houses that Brad wanted to buy. At that time (1994) he was 90 years old.

The man sold his house to the actor, but Brad did not ask him to move. Generous Pete allowed the old man to stay in the house and live out the rest of his days there.

At the same time, Pete refused to take rent from the man, even though the house already belonged to him.

Cassandra Peterson said that Pete was very kind to the man. The grandfather lost his wife, and because of that sadness did not leave him. Brad supported the elderly man.

Cassandra jokes that Pete probably didn’t expect the man to live to be 105. ‘I can imagine what Brad was thinking.

Well, you know, he expected that it could happen at any moment,’ says the actress. Of course, these are all jokes, and Brad, on the contrary, was happy to have such a long-lived person among his acquaintances.

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