The parents who adopted the African child sent her back to Africa six months later. The reason stunned the whole world

In recent years, a custom has been formed in several countries of the world, especially in the USA.

People visit African countries and adopt children from there, so that children who are born and grow up in extremely poor conditions have the opportunity to have a prosperous life.

That’s exactly what Jessica and Adam Davis decided to do. Although they already had four children, they still wanted to add another

member to their family. In no time, they found an African adoption company and traveled to Uganda to meet their future daughter, Namata.

The company informed in advance that Namata’s father died recently, and her mother regularly beats her does not take care of her, does not provide her with necessary supplies and food…

Worried about the fate of Yerekhea, Jessica and Adam rushed to meet her at her own home, but upon arrival in Uganda, it turned out that she was in an orphanage.

Everything turned out as planned. Namata was already in the US with her new parents and siblings. But unfortunately, after some time, the unexpected happened.

About six months later, when Namata already knew enough English to be able to express her thoughts freely, she started telling her adoptive parents every day that he misses her mother and wants to go to her.

It turned out that in fact Namata’s mother did not beat her at all, she worked day and night so that she would never go hungry.

Astounded, Jessica and Adam decided to take matters into their own hands and contact her biological mother.

In fact, the adoption company was actually engaged in the criminal activity of selling children.

They visited poor African villages, offered parents that they were ready to take their children to the United States for free,

provide them with an even higher education, and then return them home to serve their homeland.

Namata’s mother also fell into their trap. She thought that her child would return after receiving education.

And the company demanded $15,000 from the adoptive parents to deal with legal and other issues related to the adoption.

In other words, they were selling children under the name of adoption for $15,000.

After learning all this, Jessica and Adam immediately started to act. As a result, a criminal case was opened,

and Namata returned to her biological mother, but the contact with her parents and siblings who adopted her for a short time is maintained.

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