It is unbelievable. With the help of TikTok, separated twin sisters find each other after 20 years… See how and how they look like now

The twin sisters were separated at a young age. After 20 years, 24-year-old sisters Treni and Trena got a chance to hug each other again.

They were separated at a young age and now they find each other by chance on the TikTok app.

Indonesian twin sisters were born in 1996 on the island of Ambon. Shortly after their birth, they were separated.

The twins were taken to different families after their parents returned to Java where they lived and had to take care of the sick at home.

Parents often visited their children’s adoptive families. Due to the storm on Ambon Island, the family

was no longer able to visit Tenny. That is why Tena returned to live with her parents only years after the twins.

Tenny’s biological and foster parents were no longer in contact with each other. While Trena and her

father were looking for her sister, Tenny didn’t even know about her sister. And a video appeared on TikTok.

Ten has not seen the video but was shown it by neighbors who saw our resemblance. After that, the sisters decide to meet.

According to the neighbors, they hugged each other for several minutes and even cried.

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