The director tells the foreman, «You’re fired, old man,» not realizing that he will be his supervisor the following day… But what happened next surprised everyone…

Although Nia had always been a conscientious worker, her recent rise at the company had transformed her into a nasty and irritated boss. This was despite the fact that Nia had always been a hard worker.

She was successful up until the point where she decided to disparage and then terminate the manager who had previously overseen her work.

Nia had been working in her new role for only a week when the occurrence that rendered her incapable of expression took place.

She had earned a promotion to the position of manager at one of the stores that was a part of the enormous clothing corporation.

Years before she was promoted, Nia made sure to retain a dossier containing all of her ideas for how she could enhance the store if she were given the opportunity to do so. These ideas included anything from new displays to better customer service.

The documentation was proudly displayed on her desk while she conversed with the other workers on duty just before the store closed that morning.

The members of the staff smiled knowingly, nodded their heads in agreement, and exchanged a few polite thanks with the customer in return. On the other hand, the workers were taken aback by the unexpected maneuver, which caused them to be taken aback.

They were aware that the loss of income necessary to cover the majority of their expenses would occur from even the smallest omission, regardless of whether or not it was intentional. As a result, they were unable to work because of this knowledge.

Because of this information, they were unable to work.

They were mesmerized by the tale of a worker who began his career in the organization as an intern at the lowest level of the company’s hierarchy and rose through the ranks to become the CEO of the business.

At this point in time, it is probable that Victor’s tenure as the foreman of the workshop has come to an end. On the next day, though, he was going to experience something that was far more significant than what he had just encountered.

When it did happen, it marked the beginning of a brand-new chapter in the lives of Nias and Victor, as well as in the life of the store as a whole.

Nias succeeded Viktor as his right-hand man and assumed responsibility for supporting Viktor in his management of the company while Viktor continued to operate it.

The two guys had a productive and positive working relationship, and it was thanks to their efforts that this branch of the network achieved the highest level of profitability in the history of the network.

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