A dad was spotted in a mall carrying both his infant and something you would not believe…

Most people seem to think that only one parent is responsible for raising a child, but the truth is that both parents are responsible for raising a child.

A model parent became the most famous person on social media after he was shown loving on his child.

Even though this video showed a father caring for his child, it went viral not because of the father’s care for his child but because of the two dogs he was holding on either side of the baby carrier.

Still, a lot of people thought the thing in the video was just a toy.

Even so, the dog’s owner said that the dog in question was a real dog called Milo.

He then said that his family always moved with him because he is a member of the family.

Since the video was posted, almost 11 million people have watched it, and it has 1.3 million likes and a lot of comments.

Because the video is so cute, there’s every reason to think it will keep getting shared all over the internet.

So, what do you think? You might make the day of someone you care about better by telling them about this amazing experience and spreading love and light at the same time.

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