Dad starts singing for his baby and look at how the cute baby reacts…

Being a mom and having your child smile at you is the best feeling in the world. Nothing.

At that moment, everything you could see around you before seems to disappear. There is nothing else but that face and that brilliant smile, which is almost always missing teeth.

Whatever you can think of to make him smile. especially since a happy baby doesn’t cry as much as a crying baby.

Even though “You Are So Lovely” is a touching song, he is quickly pushed to the background as his daughter shines and the man singing to her grabs her attention.

How on earth could you know that? She doesn’t even make a coo, a cry, or a laugh. She smiles back as big as she can.

Every parent who watches this movie will either think about the time they spent with their children or about the pregnancy they still have to go through. It’s a very lovely one.

Watch the video here:

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