These cute twins already attend school… Here is what they look like now!

The unusual way the girls were born got them into the Guinness Book of World Records. Katie was the first to be born, and then Amy.

Everything would be fine if the two sisters were the same age. However, they are 87 days apart in age. Maria found out she was going to be a mother for the third time when she was 38 years old.

Chris was her husband, and it looked like both of them were very happy. When Jack was born, his parents already had two kids. His older sister Olivia, who is now 18 years old, was born two years after Jack.

By the time Maria got to the point where she would get her first ultrasound, she was sure of her ideas. The doctor confirmed what the woman already thought: that she was having twins.

Up until the 23rd week, the pregnancy was going well, and the woman worked all the way through May. When Maria started to feel sick at work, she was sent to the hospital right away.

Then, two weeks later, Amy was born. The baby was born on March 21, which was four months before the expected date of September 21.

When the baby was sent to the urgent care unit, the mother gave up all hope. Doctors were worried that the woman would lose both of her children.

The second baby, who stubbornly held on to life in its mother’s belly, wasn’t in a hurry to come out when it was time.

Maria was having a hard time because she was pregnant with another child and one of her kids was in the ICU.

During the next three months, when both of her girls were going through a lot of pain, the mother prayed to God to spare their lives.

Maria didn’t leave the hospital until August 27. From then on, she stayed there until the end of her stay.

Katie-Jones, the second twin, came into the world on this day. According to their mother, they always have a party in June and August to celebrate their birthdays.

The exact date a person was born is written on their birth certificate.

Amy is more outgoing and likes to read, but when it comes to numbers, Katy is cool, positive, and friendly. Also, each baby has his or her own personality.

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