Connor from «Terminator» with a huge belly and massy hair… You won’t believe it when you see how he changed over the years…

Fans didn’t want to believe that John Connor from the movie “Terminator” was being portrayed.

E. Furlong, a very talented actor who is best known for his iconic role as John Connor in the movie “Terminator,” became famous by total and utter chance.

As he walked down the street, he ran into a representative who was quick to give him a great role.

At first, we saw Edwards on TV. The popularity of the movie and his natural ability and skill as an actor helped him gain not only a lot of fame but also a lot of money.

Still, he admitted that the only reason he got money for offers was because he was poor.

During his work, the young actor had trouble dealing with all of the fame that came with his success. As a result, he started drinking and doing illegal drugs.

He stopped taking care of his health, and there is no sign of John Connor anywhere in these more recent spy photos.

Clearly, he has tried to break free from his addiction, but he hasn’t been able to do so yet.

The former movie star is unknown now that he is 45 years old. He wears a white shirt and a jacket that just barely covers his huge stomach. His hair is very thick.

In addition to this, the star of “Terminator” had grown his hair out very long, which made him look unkempt. Also, the dark bags under his eyes were very big.

Have you seen the film “Terminator?” If so, how easy was it to figure out who John Connor was? Do you like this person as a performer?

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