The woman who gave food to a beggar found out that the man was Richard Gere… But this is not the end…

This sad and funny event is sure to give you a lot of opportunities to laugh out loud.

Karine Gombeau was walking around New York City one day when a strange man came up to her.

She noticed right away that a man was walking along with the trash cans.

She thought that he might have an old person who used to live with him but now doesn’t and would go there to find food.

Soon after that, she quickly went to the nearest store, bought a pizza, and then brought the bag to him.

When she read the newspaper the next morning, she finally put two and two together and understood that the “homeless man” was actually Richard Gere.

When she realized she had thought the famous actor was a beggar, she couldn’t help but laugh at herself.

Karine said that there were a lot more people asking for money than in France. Because of this, she was most affected by one person in particular.

So, she didn’t give it much thought before deciding to help him out.

Because Karine didn’t know a lot of English, she couldn’t understand what the guys were trying to say to her.

She only gave the box to the people and wished them a good day before leaving.

On the other hand, it turned out that the actors were in the middle of shooting on the street at the time, and they had no idea what would happen.

The woman’s behavior had a big effect on the group; it really moved them.

On top of that, paparazzi were always following them around and getting pictures, some of which were printed in newspapers.

Karine was told that they were just shooting and that Gere didn’t like to change clothes during breaks.

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