A young mom was breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant: what a stranger asked her was surprising and made her…

Breastfeeding is usually the best and most important thing for both the mother and the baby she is taking care of.

But breastfeeding in public is still a sensitive topic, and many people continue to talk about it in depth.

No matter what’s going on, moms have to feed their kids wherever they are, no matter what. It’s a joyful requirement…

Still, this is a very controversial topic in public, even though it is required and does have benefits for both the mother and the child.

Because of this, some moms feel like they have to do something in public, even though it’s not always necessary.

In any case, some people will be interested in why the mothers are covering their faces during the process.

This story shows this to be true…

In 2018, when a mother told the story of what had happened to her, it went viral. The person hurt was the mother.

This woman, Melanie Lisbon, was in Cabo San Lucas on vacation with her family. She is from Texas.

That night, while they were out to dinner, a man walked up to her and said the word “cover-up.”

She was shocked by what the stranger did because she hadn’t been expecting such a straight order.

Melanie had trouble keeping her emotions in check, so all she did was ask her husband for the nursing blanket.

But because the blanket would get too hot to cover the baby quickly, she just put it over her head.

Because of this, the event got a lot of attention on the Internet, where most people liked what the woman did and some didn’t.

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