At a depth of 20 meters found a city 9 thousand years old. This is amazing…

Check out the video…

Off the coast of the Levantine region, an old city was found at a depth of 20 meters. Around 9000 years ago, Atlit-Yam was already there.

Also, there is a strange well right in the middle of the flooded town. Its shaft goes down quite a bit deeper.

The area of land inside the city borders is 40,000 square meters. In this area, you might find big houses, some of which have more than one floor.

On the edges of Atlit Yam, researchers found warehouses that were still full of goods. This led them to think that the hamlet had been suddenly abandoned.

“Most likely, we’re talking about a huge and sudden wave. The height of the wave went up by at least 30 meters.

Residents were forced to evacuate their homes, and the city was totally submerged,” recounted Maria Pareschi, one of the people responsible for making the find.

Most of the archeologists’ attention, though, was drawn to the huge stone circle-well. There are seven megaliths used to build it, and each one weighs about 600 kilos.

As you keep going down the slope, you’ll lose nearly 40 more meters:

It’s possible that the well was used for ceremonies a long time ago. When seen from below today, it looks at least strange.

Look at the movie…

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