My wife’s mother, who was 51 years old, urged me to take in her newborn twins after she passed away…

Everything was great. What’s better than a warm, loving home? William, my wonderful husband, and our three young children made every day better and busier for me.

We didn’t have a lot of money, but we enjoyed every little thing, and William’s 27th birthday was another fun day with family and friends.

My in-laws, family, and friends came to our house for our birthday party. Well. William’s toast made us laugh and smile in our small home.

My husband’s mother, Marla, made another toast.

She said, “To my two unborn babies!!!” IVF helped my 50-year-old mother-in-law have twins.

William felt awful. Some people clapped and cheered for my mother-in-law, while others spoke quietly. My partner was angry. I grabbed his hand and told him to relax.

We’ll talk about this later, honey. I spoke quietly.

I knew it would be hard for him to accept that we were having another child. My partner turned into a brother while we wished we could be parents again.

“Jessica, you don’t get it—how could Mom do this? She’ll be 51 years old? How? William lost it. I stood in the middle of my husband and his mother.

My husband’s mother and her husband had been having problems for a while. She might have thought that kids would bring them back together.

I felt bad for my husband’s mother. I knew she hadn’t made up her mind in a day. She made a plan and used all of her money.

After being pregnant for a long time, my husband’s mother had twins a week after she turned 51. Since it was hard, I stayed with her in the maternity room.

All of her pain and trouble went away when her two babies cried.

I knew she was the happiest when I saw her cry over and over again while cuddling her children. I, too, cried.

My phone rang suddenly. William started to cry and stutter:

Honey, Daddy had an accident. He died instantly.”

“WHAT?” I dropped the phone and looked at my mother-in-law, who was happy to be holding her kids. How do I tell her that her husband has died? I sobbed outside. But the truth would come out.

After a few days, my mother-in-law began to worry about her husband.

“Honey.” “Where’s David, and why didn’t he come?”

“Mom, let’s go home first,” said William.

He couldn’t say a word. We were not sure how to tell his mother.

As we drove my mother-in-law and her babies back to their house, our hearts were beating fast.

My mother-in-law almost passed out when she saw the framed picture of her late husband with flowers, wreaths, and candles around it. She knew he would never come back.

After a few weeks, my kids and I helped my mother-in-law get through her sadness. We helped her with her kids when she was having trouble after giving birth.

Just when we thought things were getting better, my husband’s mother called to tell me a secret. When we were alone, she asked me to make a promise.

“Jessica, will you take care of my kids?” Mother-in-law shed tears.


I’m dying of cancer. “I’m running out of time,” she told him.

Hearing this broke my heart. It wasn’t the end. Then, my husband’s mother-in-law told William a terrible secret that she and her late husband had kept from him all their lives.

We hoped that adopting William would help David and I get along better. We cared too much about him. Even though David’s inability to have children made us sad.”

I knew it was crazy, but I wanted to have a child before menopause, when I would be in my forties. IVF helped me get pregnant with my own kids.”

I should have done it before, but the fear of society drove me crazy. I saw that society wasn’t hurting… I did.”

My husband was taken in by his mother, which surprised me. Worse, he didn’t know.

How will I be honest with him? Tell him and bother him? “Will I die knowing this?” I wondered.

My husband’s mother broke the silence by begging me to take care of her kids after she died.

I had three kids, and William had just started a new job. Our income was barely enough to meet our costs.

Her children would give her twice as much to do and cost twice as much. I didn’t know what to do, so I gave her my shoulders.

I promise, Mom. I’ll parent your kids. I’ll always be their mother.”

I was ready for the problems that were coming. I grew up in a home, so I know how hard it is to not have a family. I wouldn’t want my mother-in-law’s life to be like that.

After being sick for a while, my mother-in-law died. I knew this would happen, but not so soon.

I told William after she was buried. He had to get hurt.

“Honey, there’s something I want to tell you,” I said, looking into William’s sad eyes. He missed his mom, that was clear.

“I promised your mother that I would take care of her kids. We’re wanted. Bring them up. We can’t leave them, honey.”

My husband or wife gave me a tight hug and cried on my shoulder. He said that he was jealous of his new brothers.

After their parents died, he realized that they needed him.

I gave them a home and raised them. My husband told me he was waiting until we talked about it and he got my OK.

Dear, I’m so lucky to have you. You really cared about me. I was ashamed of my mother’s children. I didn’t get her. “But now I miss her, and I want to tell her how much I love her,” she sobbed.

I sighed and gave William a hug. My thoughts kept coming back to me. Tell her he was a foster child.

That day, I promised to be a good mom to my five kids and to keep my husband’s adoption a secret until the day I died.

Love comes from the heart, not the genes. He loved his parents and would never have done anything bad to them.

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