Sylvester Stallone’s son is now 40, how his fate turned out, and what he is doing now.

Sylvester Stallone was labeled “autistic” throughout his adulthood. The performance was first blamed for the illness.

After a while, the doctors believed Sylvester’s speech difficulties were caused by a birth trauma.

After a few years, this prognosis haunted the actor in a different context.

Stallone and his wife were thrilled to have a second child.

The young people named the infant son Sergio because they liked it.

The film featured the child actor alongside his father. The play portrayed Rocky’s son. He never appeared onscreen again.

He last “lit up” in public at three years old.

Sergio had a magazine cover with Sylvester Stallone. The boy’s parents noticed his strange conduct over time.

Sergio didn’t talk to his older brother, play with him, or care about the world. Drawing and music were the boy’s favorites.

He showed no communication skills. The parents took the baby to the pediatrician.

That proved Sergio had autism. Sylvester Stallone hoped the diagnosis was wrong. It didn’t…

Sergio’s mother then raised him. Stallone worked enormous hours to support his family.

After much research, the boy’s brain is intact and may be educated.

Sergio had a normal childhood.

Specialists helped the infant talk in small words and occasionally respond to what was going on around them.

“Rocky” inspired him.

Stallone’s family broke up because of the conflict.

Sylvester helps his ex-wife and youngest son.

He also built a backyard stream for Sergio to enjoy its peaceful sounds.

In an interview, the actor said he and Sergio are friends.

Stallone struggles to adapt his son, Sergio, to his environment, so he puts himself in his shoes.

Stallone associates the son with a broken radio. He either talks or shuts down.

Sylvester is disappointed since he wanted a real father-child bond with his children and grandchildren.

Stallone’s oldest kid died unexpectedly. Sylvester visited Sergio more often after the incident.

The young man is forty. He lives with his mother and has limited communication.

Sergio has failed to form relationships or a family.

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