This 86-year-old woman has lived for seven years on a cruise ship but then this happened…

She gave up everything she owned to follow the dream she had always had. She now gets the most out of life by living on a cruise ship and going on trips around the world.

The woman spent all of her savings and sold all of her things in Florida so that she could move for the rest of her life without stopping.

In exact steps of seven years. This is how long Lee Wachtsatter has lived on the Crystal Serenity, which is a cruise ship.

The senior admits that in all of these years, she has never once questioned the choice she made.

The American woman loved going to new places her whole life. In 1962, she went on the sea for the first time.

She is on the second part of her 283rd trip right now. Mrs. Lee spends a lot of money every year to make sure that her goal comes true.

In return for this amount of money, she will stay in a private, deluxe stateroom, try all of the food served in the ship’s restaurants, and take part in ballroom dancing in the evenings.

The senior also goes to the movies, listens to lectures, and takes part in all the other ways to have fun that are offered.

“The people on the team work hard to make sure I’m happy all the time. Some of them are already like family members to me.

I have no question that they will be able to find what I need if they don’t already have it. Even if they had to spend the whole stay on land to get it,” she says.

Only “Mama Lee” is ever used on the ship to talk about the retiree. There is never any other name.

Mama Lee still goes shopping for her own clothes, by the way. And if you’re a fashionista, hanging out with her will give you an edge over the other girls.

The woman says with excitement that she has been to 100 different places and is sure that Istanbul is the best place to shop.

When I’m in Istanbul, I just have to go to the Grand Bazaar. There, people wear beautiful clothes. And you can make the most of them when you’re ballroom dancing.

Mama Lee says, “When it comes to shopping, I am the first one in line.”

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