Heather Locklear Looks Unrecognizable As She’s Spotted Makeup-Free With Fiancé Chris Heisser Years After Troubles

This week, actress Heather Locklear was seen out with her fiance Chris Heisser, and it was noticed that she had changed a lot in how she looked over the past year.

The star looked stylish in a simple black graphic t-shirt, black yoga pants, and black flip-flops.

She decided not to bring her engagement ring with her on the trip for no clear reason.

The pictures are horrifying. Even in 2020, Locklear doesn’t seem to be the same person she used to be.

We’ve never seen anyone whose face looked as healthy as hers does.

The woman, who was now 59, looked happy as she walked with the man who had been her high school lover.

After dating for three years after a high school gathering that happened years after she graduated, she said yes to his proposal the year before.

The pictures were taken in a shopping center a few miles from Locklear’s huge home in Westlake Village, which is worth $4.8 million.

At this location, Locklear was taken into custody more than once in 2018. After she got into a fight with Heisser, the cops began to look into what happened. So, the first arrest was made.

When the police came to the scene, they saw that he was bleeding from the bridge of his nose.

They decided that Locklear was the one who started the fight, so they took her into custody.

Locklear cursed at the police officers who were trying to arrest him and said some very frightening things while he was being taken into custody.

She is said to have said something like, “You f****** deserve to have your kids die! You f****** deserve it! If you ever find yourself in that situation, don’t forget to think of me!

A few months later, Locklear was taken to the hospital for a mental health checkup because she had said she would kill herself.

After a few days, the actress was taken into custody again because she had hit a police officer and an emergency medical worker.

The police went to her house after getting a call from a member of her family. When the cops got there, they were trying to get Locklear away from another family member when she hit one of them.

Locklear didn’t have to go to jail for her felony crimes because she went to a rehabilitation program.

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