Quick-Thinking 13-Year-Old Takes Control of School Bus to Save the Friends. Watch the Video Here.

In Warren, Michigan, a remarkable incident involving a seventh-grade student from Lois E. Carter Middle School has captured the attention of the community. Dillon Reeves, a quick-thinking hero, managed to prevent a potential disaster on a school bus through his swift actions.
The incident unfolded when the bus driver suddenly began feeling light-headed and ultimately lost consciousness. As the bus started veering dangerously towards oncoming traffic, Dillon Reeves sprang into action. Despite sitting five rows back, he hurriedly made his way to the front, seizing the opportunity to grab hold of the steering wheel and slam on the brakes.

The bus’s onboard camera recorded the entire incident, revealing the driver’s struggle for control and Dillon’s decisive response. In addition to taking control of the bus, Dillon also alerted his classmates, instructing them to call 911 immediately. His courageous act and presence of mind were commended by Warren Consolidated Schools Superintendent, Robert Livernois, during a news conference.

Speaking about Dillon’s actions, Livernois expressed immense pride, stating, “I could not be prouder of his efforts.” Livernois further highlighted the young hero’s thoughtfulness, as Dillon applied the brakes slowly, taking into account the safety of his fellow passengers.
The driver, after feeling lightheaded, had initially informed the students through the intercom that she would be pulling over momentarily. However, instead of reaching the designated pull-off area, she unintentionally drifted into the oncoming lane, risking a catastrophic collision.

At the news conference honoring Dillon’s bravery, his mother, Ireta Reeves, radiated with pride. She conveyed her overwhelming emotions, remarking, “To do something like this, fills my heart, makes my heart skip a beat, to even watch that video again, I’m just… I can’t even express the proudness. I’m extremely proud of him.”

This extraordinary incident serves as a reminder of the potential for courage and heroism, even from the most unexpected sources. Dillon Reeves, a seventh-grader, has emerged as a true role model in his community, demonstrating quick thinking, maturity, and selflessness in the face of danger. His actions have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on all who witnessed his remarkable act of heroism.

To witness the incredible story firsthand, watch the video below.

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