Officer Adopts Newborn Baby Girl After Birth-Mother Abandoned Her in a Baby Box. Watch the Video Here.

Indiana police officer Bruce Faltynski and his wife Shelby were already in the process of adopting their oldest daughter Kaia when they received a call about a newborn baby in need of parents. The infant, named Myah, had been left in a Safe Haven baby box at just one day old. The Faltynskis, initially unaware of the concept of baby boxes, were grateful for this life-saving option provided by Indiana’s “Safe Haven Law.”

Safe Haven Baby Boxes are installed in designated fire stations or hospitals in Indiana, as well as other states, allowing anyone to anonymously place a child up to 30 days old without facing any penalties. These boxes are temperature-controlled, monitored, and equipped with an interior door for medical professionals to access the baby quickly. Since the implementation of the law and the installation of the boxes, Indiana has not recorded a single fatality of an abandoned infant, a testament to the mission of Safe Haven to prevent illegal abandonment of newborns.

Baby Myah’s placement in the Safe Haven box shortly after birth likely saved her life. After being retrieved, she was found to have suffered a stroke and was promptly admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Faltynskis express gratitude towards Myah’s birth mother for choosing to surrender her child to a safe place. They are also thankful that their previous adoption certification for Kaia allowed them to provide a loving home for Myah.

The Faltynskis acknowledge the importance of the Safe Haven Law and the baby boxes, which enabled their family to grow. They encourage others to learn about the presence of Safe Haven boxes in their area by visiting the Safe Haven Baby Box website. Their story exemplifies the positive impact of this initiative and the profound gratitude they hold for both Myah’s birth mother and Kaia’s birth mother, who have shown unwavering love and concern for their children’s well-being.

Watch the video below:

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