VIDEO: How NICU Nurse Saved a Teen Mom and Her Triplets (Must-See)

Nurse Katrina Mullen’s story is truly inspiring and heartwarming. Her compassion and dedication to her patient, Shariya Small, and her premature triplets demonstrate the lengths people will go for their family.

Having gone through a similar experience as a teenage mother herself, Mullen understood the challenges faced by Small. She offered her support and reassurance, letting her know that she was there for her. The bond between them grew stronger as Mullen cared for Small’s babies during their five-month stay at the hospital.

After Small and her children were discharged, their close relationship continued. Small would reach out to Mullen whenever she faced difficulties in raising her children, often due to financial constraints. Witnessing the challenging circumstances Small and her children were living in, Mullen was determined to prevent them from being separated and placed in foster care.

Without much hesitation, Mullen made the decision to foster and eventually adopt Small and her three children. This selfless act ensured that the family could stay together and receive the love and care they needed.

The news of Mullen’s incredible gesture spread, and people from all around showed their support and appreciation. A GoFundMe campaign was created by Mullen to raise funds for the family’s financial stability, which accumulated an impressive amount of over $80,000. The outpouring of well wishes and kind words overwhelmed Mullen and her family, bringing them immense joy and gratitude.

Mullen expressed her gratitude in an update, acknowledging the love, support, and encouragement they received. Her heart is filled with joy and love for her expanded family, and she cherishes every moment of their journey together.

This story is a testament to the power of compassion, empathy, and the lengths that individuals can go to help those in need. Nurse Katrina Mullen’s act of selflessness and love has made a significant impact on the lives of Shariya Small and her children, providing them with a secure and loving home.

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