Discover the unexpected reaction of an 83-years-old legendary actor Al Pacino upon hearing the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy…

According to accounts, Al Pacino’s partner told him she was expecting his child and he was in shock.

According to reports, the 83-year-old Scarface actor insisted that his partner, 29-year-old Noor Alfallah, undergo a DNA test to verify that he is the child’s father.

Having a child at his age wasn’t in Al Pacino’s plans, according to TMZ, who also reports that the actor

was reportedly ‘shocked’ to learn of the news because he didn’t think he could get pregnant because of ‘medical issues.’

According to reports, Alfallah agreed to submit to the DNA test, which determined Pacino was in fact the father.

Pacino will have his fourth child, according to news reports that surfaced earlier this week. The actor’s representatives confirmed to TMZ that Noor Alfallah,

the acting legend’s girlfriend, is eight months along in her pregnancy. The two have been dating since April 2022.

Fox News reports that Alfallah, who has dated both millionaire Nicholas Berggruen and rock star Mick Jagger in the past,

posted a picture of herself and Pacino to her Instagram account in April. This was the first time either of their social media profiles had posted a picture of the two of them together.

In a prior relationship with actress Beverly D’Angelo, with whom he was romantically involved from 1997 until 2003,

Pacino gave birth to twins Anton and Olivia. From 2008 to 2018, the actor dated Argentinean actress Lucia Polka.

Since the birth of his newest child was announced, rumors about the circumstances and specifics have abounded.

There have even been claims that Pacino was not informed about Noor’s pregnancy; however, a reliable insider reportedly told the Daily Mail that this is untrue.

Even though it was “not expected,’ the same source said the Carlito’s Way actor was ‘overjoyed to learn that he is expecting a fourth baby.’

Coincidentally, it was announced last month that Robert De Niro, who has acted alongside Pacino in a number of well-known movies, had remarried at the age of 79.

A reporter from ET Canada questioned the Taxi actor on what it was like to raise six kids.

‘Seven actually,’ De Niro, who was in to promote his newly released movie About My Father, answered with a straight face. I recently had a baby.

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