The entire school is excited over a group of teens’ strange talent show performance. Video

Introducing ‘Bag Dance,’ the appropriately called dance show from Beyer High. And as for the name, well, you guessed it.

The complete team performs while encased in a variety of bright, elastic fabric bags to some well-known dance songs.

Don’t forget that these dancing songs are more ‘office party’ dance floor fillers than ‘Swan Lake’!

And these dancers are absolutely captivating!

The hands and feet are reduced to simple corners, and the human form is transformed into an abstract object.

When they start to move, it’s an oddly funny and captivating combo, but I’m here for it!

They also don’t hesitate to demonstrate some authentic moves!

Do not handle this!

Anyone for a hammer slide?

This one is one that you are familiar with!

Dance all you want!

The audience can’t help but laugh when they perform the ‘hammer slide’ while carrying their bodies in sacks.

With this clever use of a small amount of fabric and a lot of talent, one of the most recognizable dance moves from the previous century finds fresh life!

You can find out what it’s about with only one Google search, for all you young people who are curious.

Let the centipedes begin!

You have to respect the vision these young dancers have to organize themselves in such a lined-up and bright conga-line way.

I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to see a line of pillowcases perform! Imagine how they developed this concept.

What an intense brainstorming session that must have been!

Bravo for their originality!

Additionally, they don’t just use straightforward lineups; they also use inventive choreography!

The performance’s creator made the most of the opportunities provided by the dancing bags.New forms can be created by lying down while spreading their legs apart.

The choreographer obviously performed so well without realizing that they were now directing shapes rather than bodies.

On the dance floor, talk about cutting shapes!

This is really fun to see!

So the routine goes up a notch when those shapes start bouncing!

The complete range of options is attained when the dancers start to use the stage’s space dynamically and vary their movements.

It’s so much fun to see these abstract shapes jump around the stage, roll up, roll over, and spring around.

I’m simply relieved they avoided colliding with one another. Undoubtedly, ‘Can they even see in those things?’ was my initial thought.

Evidently they can since despite running and jumping around the stage, they never collide and remain in time.

But I can see all the jolts and knocks they took throughout their extended practice sessions. There must have been a lot of laughter!

If you were hoping that might happen, I apologize.

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