The maid of one of the hotels in Chile has become famous all over the world. Look what she did…

Our story is about a woman who works in one of the hotels in Chile, who surprises her customers every day.

The woman prepares small surprises every day, which raise the mood of the guests throughout the day. This is what it means to love your job.

The hotel is really lucky to have such an employee. It also affected the name of the hotel.

Because customers talk about it after being there and coming back in a good mood, and after that their

customers increase. Every day she draws some animals on towels and amuses the guests of the hotel with it.

One day snake, another day elephant, whale, heart, octopus, swan, butterfly and so on.

The employees of the hotel sector are very important in the development of the sector and the prosperity of the hotel.

There are several rules in the service industry that employees should know well.

The whole team must work for good service. The I, you, or he of the hotel industry are not separated,

there is one goal: a satisfied guest and that’s it. A satisfied customer is the key to business development.

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