Those Emmy speeches from Tim Conway and Harvey Korman were an absolute fantastic and funny…It was like watching a masterclass in comedy, with these two legends! Video

Decades after its final television broadcast, The Carol Burnett Show is still a cherished and recognizable program.

It was renowned for its outrageous sketches that frequently resulted in the show’s brilliant cast breaking character and doubling over with laughter.

The comic cast of The Carol Burnett Show included Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Tim and Harvey were praised for their excellent work by peers,

audiences, and critics. Additionally, they received recognition for their belly-laugh-inducing efforts, including Emmy Awards.

Tim and Harvey recalled specific—and, of course, hilarious—moments from the yearly awards show in a video that was uploaded on YouTube.

Tim’s first example has him delivering a speech after his significant victory. His speech takes a drastically different turn, though, and the audience starts laughing uncontrollably.

Tim admits to the audience that he’s not very good at thanking people while holding a telegram in his hand.

Tim arrived prepared and read from the piece of paper in his hand rather than winging his speech. It turns out to be a hilarious advertisement for a putt-putt golf facility.

The next event they remember with nostalgia is Harvey defeating Tim to win an Emmy. Tim, however,

who doesn’t want to be left out, joins Harvey on stage, leans against him, and looks up at Harvey with a defeated, dejected expression.

The final scene in the clip shows Harvey and Tim entering the stage after their names are called. The crowd in the theater,

as well as the presenter, are perplexed. Sadly, neither of them succeeds. Chevy Chase, a fellow comedic performer, took home the major prize that evening.

Harvey and Tim were living legends. They have the ability and talent to transform an ordinary, uninteresting, and boring situation into something belly-laugh-inducingly entertaining!

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