What does the fattest guy of the world look like after losing weight?

Unfortunately, the problem of obesity is common in many countries of the world. But the worst thing is that this disease is not only in adults but also children suffer from it.

Today we will tell you about a boy named Aria Perman who became famous all over the world. Because at the age of 10, he was already the fattest child in Indonesia, weighing almost 200 kg.

Aria’s condition was so severe that he could not go to school or play with his friends. Instead, he spent time playing on his phone or sitting in the pool.

But a few years ago, Aria pulled himself together and started living a healthy lifestyle. Now he is 14 years old,

the weight is several times less than before. He even started a social media page where he shares all his successes.

After four years of hard work and effort, he managed to lose most of his weight and currently weighs 80 kg.

Aria managed to achieve such results through doctors, exercise and diet. Everything is standard, nothing supernatural.

After losing weight, she had a lot of excess skin that had to be surgically removed.

Now he is a completely different person. Aria isn’t going to stop there, she wants to set an example and inspire others.

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