A total mystery man just grabbed the microphone from a busker and silenced the noisy crowd! What happened next will amaze you

A rare fortuitous meeting took place between Reginald Guilluame, better known online as ‘guitaro5000,’ and an unpredictedly gifted man from the throng in the crowded streets of California.

Among the audience, a modest star emerged.

To the surprise of many, the man was none other than Micah Christian, the famed quartet’s ‘Sons of Serendip’s’ lead vocalist.

The Sons of Serendip are well known for fusing pop, gospel, and soul elements with classical music in a unique way.

Attractive harmonies, complex orchestration, and a tremendous emotional depth define their performances.

Notably, they have published a number of albums, including ‘Christmas: Beyond the Lights’ in 2017 and their self-titled first album ‘Sons of Serendip’ in 2015.

Cordaro Rodriguez, Kendall Rasmeur, and Mason Morton, three brilliant musicians, join Micah Christian in the Sons of Serendip.

The song ‘Sing With Me For Free’

In the meantime, guitaro5000 has grown in popularity thanks to his web videos, which frequently

include him and invite random people to sing alongside him, resulting in impromptu and moving musical experiences.

Guitaro5000 and Micah had a quick yet profound talk about their shared love of music before to their spontaneous performance.

They made the choice to make the music video public because they think that music can be a potent

tool for bringing people together, promoting healing, and bringing attention to issues that are frequently ignored.

The audience was stunned when Micah proceeded to sing his emotional rendition of Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ to the accompaniment of

guitaro5000’s expert guitar playing. Even the busiest onlookers could not have failed to be entranced by his immaculate performance.

Micah’s voice were quite impressive—strong, forceful, and bursting with emotion. Soon, a growing crowd had assembled to enjoy this spontaneous but remarkable street entertainment.

They should be heard.

Do you not concur?

It should come as no surprise that the performance’s video gained over 3.7 million views and more than 100,000 likes from online users.

This performer has a unique gift, one observer said in their comment. His voice is so wonderful that it makes me feel so moved.

Reggie, you compete favorably with both the best and the worst among them. You help individuals to be their best selves. I adore what you do because it uplifts the energy around you.

One person was very moved by their performance, while another I just came across your channel. I must admit that I believe I have seen one of those historical occasions when God,

or whoever your higher force is, reached down and united two individuals. Everyone who was present that day, as well as everyone who

viewed the film, was impacted in some way that began healing in its many forms, I know in my heart. Thank you and God’s blessings.

Beyond only notes, melodies, and rhythms, music holds an enigmatic force that has the ability to bring people together, even in a divided country.

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