An elderly woman attempted to audition for the Rockettes after an 80-year failure from her previous attempt. Look what she did(video)

Having missed the audition 80 years prior, Mary Silvestri, 92, again auditions for the Rockettes. After giving Mary the chance to try out for the team,

the Rockettes fulfilled her ambition of joining the troupe. They felt they had to make it happen after

hearing her story. Mary has maintained her love of dance over the years. It was a gift from God to her.

Over 80 years ago, Mary recalls having a fantasy of auditioning for the Rockettes, but she was unable to travel to New York.

The dream of being a Rockette was then tenderly stored away in the recesses of her heart until the chance to witness the tryouts presented itself years later.

She had no notion that she would be allowed to try out for the renowned dancing group. Mary only came to observe,

but despite competing against 800 other ladies, she persevered and made it through the auditions.
She spoke to the panel of judges and the other candidates.

I was meant to be doing what you’re doing here 80 years ago, she replied. No one could take me, and I couldn’t travel

to New York alone, she said. I’m here to visit you ladies today and I hope you’re all able to make it.

You’ll enjoy seeing a woman’s 80-year-old dream come true in this inspiring video. Surprisingly, God’s word instructs us to pursue him rather than our dreams.

The wonderful thing about seeking God is that he rewards us beyond our wildest expectations. When he does realize our dreams,

they are almost always greater than what we had anticipated. We worship a powerful God who is the best gift-giver since he is familiar with every single one of us.

Millions of people are now hearing Mary’s tale, which serves as a reminder to us all that we are never too old or too late to pursue our passions.

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