Discover the heartwarming story of a billionaire who has opened his heart and home to 17 children and isn’t going to stop…

Roman Avdeev is a famous Russian philanthropist, banker and billionaire, one of the first hundred richest people on the Forbes list.

But he does not value his work the most in his life, but his big family. Roman and his wife have 23 children, of which 17 are adopted and 6 are their own children.

The father of the family has built several mansions on his estate, equipped with playrooms for children, a cinema, a swimming pool and even a ski slope.

The father of many children regrets that they rarely get together with the whole family, because the older children study abroad and return home only on vacation.

Before making the decision to adopt, Roma and his wife thought and debated whether they would handle such a huge responsibility.

‘We discussed for a long time with my wife whether we will succeed or not.’

I helped orphanages for a long time, and then I realized that it was not very effective. When Roma has time, he practices math with the children.

Pays special attention to the English language.

At the same time, all the billionaire’s children attend an ordinary city kindergarten and an ordinary public school.

Roman knows exactly how to manage his huge wealth.

He will give it to solve the problems of orphans. It is noteworthy that he is not going to leave an inheritance to his children.

Roman Avdeev founded a charity fund that finds families for orphans.

The foundation already has 313 children who have found families with it. In addition, the foundation has a special club that helps new parents.

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