A loving couple gets back together after spending 60 years apart and gets married the way they always dreamed of…

Even after being away for sixty years, true love remains one of the universe’s most potent energies and cannot be stopped.

The happily ever after that a couple had always dreamed for came true when they revived the romance that had once been the stuff of the best Hollywood movies after spending a lifetime apart.

In the 1960s, when Jacques Drouart moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, he started dating Cristina

Lons and finally fell in love with her. There, he met the woman of his dreams, and he immediately knew that he wanted to marry her.

It was not planned to happen at this time, though. A string of tragic events kept them apart,

and it appeared that they would always be separated. Thankfully, despite the fact that it took some time, fate had other purposes in store for them.

The couple split up and went their own ways. Jacques was born and reared in Belgium, though Cristina and he both worked there for a while in his professional life.

They were irresistible to one another, but Jacques’s decision to return to France tragically brought an end to their romance.

The two gradually drifted apart and started their own families. After relocating to Argentina’s Cordoba area, Cristina and her new husband had eight children together.

Jacques had returned to Buenos Aires and had asked Cristina for her contact information through a mutual acquaintance,

but Cristina was absolutely ignorant of this. The setting was unsuitable because she was still engaged to another man.

They had no way of knowing that life would finally reunite them. Still, it did. The lovers who

were destined to never find one another eventually had their chance after waiting for sixty years.

Making a return to each other both Jacques and Cristina had recently lost their spouses, making them widowers.

Despite the passage of time, they never let go of the fond memories they had of the times they spent together, but they were unaware that there was yet more to their love tale to come.

Cristina embarked on a journey with the assistance of her grandchildren in order to locate the guy whom she had previously met many years ago.

He was the one who got away, and it came as a surprise to her when she discovered that he was still alive and active on Facebook.

As soon as they established communication, they went straight back to where they had left off, continuing to

keep in touch through text messages throughout the year 2020 and making preparations for a meeting whenever it was feasible.

The couple decided to be married two years after they started dating. On the internet, a video of their wedding and subsequent reunion soon gained enormous popularity.

As Cristina’s granddaughter Valentina Pesci shared with online users, “They are the living embodiment of the adage that love knows no borders and recognizes no age constraints.

Everyone should be aware of this fascinating story because it illustrates how sometimes reality may be stranger than fiction.

The newlyweds had two joyous parties to commemorate their marriage. These two occasions both occurred in 2022, the first in Belgium in January and the second on December 3 in Argentina.

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