Discover the heartwarming story of a bus driver who took action after witnessing two children mistreating a younger child

Many believe that children’s behavior and attitudes are a direct reflection of their parents’, paraphrasing the adage ‘the fruit does not fall far from the tree.’

As a result of witnessing how two of the children on the bus handled another passenger, the bus driver felt obligated to thank the parents of two of the passengers for raising such nice children.

For many years, Cindy Clausen drove school buses and had enough opportunity to witness the callousness

with which young people sometimes treat others who are different from themselves, even when they don’t mean to.

So it was a big deal when Jackson, a youngster who also had a disability, was shown great affection by two siblings who share the same name, Annaliese and Jorge.

They made the decision to stand up for him collectively rather than imitating the actions of the other kids.

To give him the impression that he is like the other kids his age, they went over to him, sat with him,

and made friends with him. Additionally, Jackson was offered assistance by both of the kids on the entire trip back to their house.

Cindy Clausen sent a note to Annaliese and Jorge’s parents to let them know that they have done an excellent job parenting their children and to thank them on doing so.

Cindy Clausen was surprised by the lovely heart and compassion that these two children demonstrated for Jackson.

The letter begins, ‘I feel compelled to write to tell you how wonderful your children are, both on the inside and the outside.’

This can only be accomplished at home, with the help of the parents’ guidance and patience, as well as by following and learning from their own examples.

People from all around the world have been aware of the letter, and it has received praise and admiration.

The ecstatic parents are ecstatic to discover that the values and morals they are establishing in Annaliese and Jorge are becoming deeply etched in their hearts and are evident in their behavior.

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