How does Jackie Chan live, where does he spend his millions and why does he not love his children?

Jackie Chan is a worldwide celebrity known for his kung fu movies, martial arts and Hollywood blockbusters. His fortune exceeds 400 million US dollars

Jackie Chan is an international Superstar. He became famous in the 1970s. His fortune is estimated

at 400 million dollars.And considering how successful his films are, it seems like it will never run out.

He has a house worth 10 million dollars, six cars worth more than 2 million dollars, and even admitted that he spends 2 million dollars

a year on gifts for his friends, fine wines, leather jackets, expensive watches and, of course, fine dining only the best in restaurants.

Jackie Chan is one of today’s highest paid actors, philanthropist, singer and businessman. He has hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world who admire his work.

The actor attracts many with his simplicity and sincerity. He is a man who has immense ability but never flaunted it all. He spends most of his wealth on charity.

Jackie’s childhood was spent in bad conditions. He was put in a boarding facility where he had to practice 18 hours a day.

After graduating from boarding school, he began working as a stuntman, then an actor in Hong Kong, and later in America.

He spent his first royalties on everything. He bought the most expensive watches with different color

palette, bought cars and airplanes. He often liked to drink and go for a walk with another fan.

Jackie was forced to marry because of her daughter’s pregnancy on the advice of lawyers
In one of his interviews,

Chan admitted that he thought that his wife was only with him for money.Therefore, he carefully hid the income.

He admitted that he came home drunk and even hit his wife and small child. He also mentioned that he saw his son 6 times in 6 years.

He had an illegitimate daughter, Etta, from a famous model. He did not know his daughter and never came to her. His excuse was that all men make these mistakes.

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