In a new music video, 96-year-old Dick Van Dyke dances and sings with his gorgeous wife. You might start seeing aging in a whole new perspective!

The majority of us detest the thought of becoming older. We’ve seen the negative effects of aging, which can include bad health, decreased energy, loneliness, and despair.

It doesn’t sound like much fun. The amazing Mr. Dick Van Dyke, however, who truly is the entire package when it

comes to his performing abilities—acting, comedy, singing, and dancing—looks anything but ill, lethargic, or depressed!

The performance title that appears at the beginning of the video has a little vintage-looking font and design.

We next enter a sizable room that is decorated with statues of what appear to be naked Roman or Greek individuals that we would often find in museums.

Wall coverings with vibrant floral and fruity motifs are available. also, mirrors. Mirrors come in a variety of sizes and forms.

Arlene Silver, Dick Van Dyke’s wife, enters the scene next as she strides up to an orange mirror. She is dressed in black slacks,

a black blouse, and a green pullover that draws attention to the jade of another vibrant wall in her line of sight.

She sings along to Doris Day’s 1958 classic song ‘Everybody Loves a Lover’ as she examines her hair and makeup in that looking glass with the mango tint.

The joyful and flirtatious song’s opening four lines are as follows:

Everybody loves a lover
I’m a lover, everybody loves me
Anyhow, that’s how I feel
Wow, I feel just like a Pollyanna

Arlene keeps singing as she twirls, snaps, and saunters across the room to her husband, who is sitting on an equally colorful and flamboyant chair!

Dick Van Dyke sings a verse during his turn. The concept of the song seems to be a straightforward one: falling in love generally makes one feel pretty darn special.

Dick Van Dyke always gets it right! His movements match the lyrics, and his smile still has the same youthful appearance.

As more people arrive, he gets up effortlessly from his chair and starts dancing with Arlene. Background vocals are provided by The Vantastix, a trio of gentlemen vocalists,

and the song is spiced up by Tony Guerrero, a well-known jazz trumpet player. The music and visuals in the video are wonderful!

As the song comes to a conclusion, the pair sings together, hugs, and moves over to sit on a loveseat.

The elderly man can be seen amusingly covering the naked figures with scraps of sheer fabric before he and Arlene kiss.

When Mr. Van Dyke nearly trips over an ottoman, as he did on each start of the legendary television

program bearing his name, it is the final ideal wink to viewers who are at least half as old as Mr. Van Dyke.

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