With the sweetest dance, a little child grabs the spotlight from a man playing the piano. Video

When the music hits you just so, you have to dance, whether you’re a senior, a middle-aged person, a young adult, or even a six-year-old girl!

Also, sometimes the dancing gets popular online.
Little Zoe experienced what she did.

She was in London on a school trip when she heard a street musician playing Mary Poppins’ lovely music, and what followed next would make her a household name.

I’ll simply set my stuff down here and continue dancing for a while.

Brendan Kavanagh, a well-known YouTuber and pianist, starts the video by playing a song from the hit show Marry Poppins as Zoe passes by.

The young girl was attractively attired, sporting a yellow costume and cap that gave the impression that she had just left a performance of the play.

“Clear the area everyone, I’m about to dance!” she appeared to be saying as she placed her luggage on the ground.

And she actually did just that!

Little Zoe doesn’t skip a beat as Kavanagh’s music abruptly picks up the tempo. She doesn’t stop dancing at all. This young girl has obviously received some instruction.

People begin to assemble as Zoe continues to dance. Even if they may have somewhere to go, they won’t miss the remainder of this performance.

Zoe finishes her dance routine by getting on her knees and opening her arms wide as the music comes to a close.

Both the dancer and the street musician received well-deserved cheers from the audience.

Brendan and Zoe discuss the performance.

Following the process, Brendan leans in and asks the girl her name and whether she is nearby with a parent, teacher, or other adult supervision.

That her teacher is nearby, according to Zoe. Why did you pause to dance? Brendan questioned Zoe.
‘Because I liked the music,’ she answered. Isn’t that the best justification for dancing?

Watch Zoe’s amazing dance routine in the video below!

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