The children of the yard entered the old woman’s garden. When she saw what the boys did, she couldn’t hold back her tears

It’s just wonderful.

It is very nice to know that there are still people in our world who are always ready to help. This story only confirms it and makes you want to believe in goodness again.

We are sure that he will be able to touch your soul and inspire you to create miracles for other people.

The 75-year-old resident of Texas, very unexpectedly for everyone, became a law breaker. She didn’t notice her mailbox ringing.

This was the reason why the woman did not appear at the courthouse and in the end she received a warrant of execution.

And all this is due to the fact that the grass in her yard exceeded 45 centimeters in height. Yes, in Texas such things are punishable by law.

The whole town quickly learned that an elderly woman could be arrested or killed

At approximately the same speed, volunteers were found who decided to help the old woman and cut all the grass to the desired height.

The first among them were four children, followed by adult men.They went to work without delay, just to keep their neighbor out of trouble.

When the woman noticed what was happening in her yard, she simply could not control her emotions.

After the townspeople finished mowing the grass, the old woman silently hugged each of them. She couldn’t believe that people could still be kind and compassionate.

Only the four little children set a very good example for the elders and proved that kindness should be instilled from childhood.

Yeah, what can I say about that? Watch this video and learn to give joy.

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