Check out this sassy grandma! At 92 years young, she’s got some ‘serious’ funeral rules that are sure to make you laugh

Most people don’t arrange their own funerals, but this 92-year-old grandmother was very detailed. Grandma Droniak had no immediate intentions to pass away,

but she felt passionately enough about her funeral that she listed three guidelines in a video she uploaded to TikTok.

She begins, ‘These are the rules at my funeral.’ You could cry, but try not to cry too much, I warned you.

Don’t embarrass yourself. Bertha is not welcome, Grandma Droniak continued, her eyes twisted. Refuse to let her in.

Droniak wasn’t finished creating the rules yet, but people were intrigued about Bertha and their history.

The last rule was then stated by her. “After that, get drunk. Give it a go for me. Astonishingly,

20.5 million people watched and 3.9 million people liked the video. Additionally, Grandma Droniak has more than 3.9 million fans.

Grandma Droniak offered her approval when a user asked if they might drink during the funeral as well. The video’s caption read, ‘It won’t be any time soon, but don’t forget it.’

Users of TikTok pleaded for information about Bertha and what she might have done to become the only person in the world to be banned from Grandma Droniak’s upcoming burial.

‘PLEASE GIVE US STORY TIME ON BERTHA! One user yelled, ‘WHO IS SHE AND WHY ISN’T SHE INVITED? Many more also joined in.

Another person wrote, ‘Lmaoooo I need storytime on Bertha.’ One individual announced Bertha was canceled before even listening to the story.

Grandma Droniak remained mum about the cause but made a future vow to share the tale. She wrote in the comments, ‘I’ll tell you about it soon.

Grandma Droniak was overwhelmingly supported by the public. ‘If Bertha appears. There will be two funerals, one user jokingly said. One user commented, ‘C’mon guys, let’s guard the door from Bertha.’

92-year-old Grandma Droniak frequently gives advise, and when she does, you accept it. In one video, she offered dating advice and outlined the qualities she looked for in a man.

‘Floss each day. has a cat or dog. he gives me booze. every morning that I’m gorgeous,” she wrote.

She even went so far as to state that this was the very minimum she expected from males and urged women to dump any of them who didn’t live up to it.

Then she included a list of warning signs specific to guys. It’s not that difficult if he doesn’t hold the door open, she said.

I won’t date him if he doesn’t enjoy bingo because I do. She went on, ‘If he doesn’t always keep soup for me in the refrigerator because I always like soup and need soup.’

‘If he doesn’t call me pretty all the time, I don’t want nothing to do with him,’ she said in her closing statement.

The reply from Tinder was, ‘Yes to knowing and establishing your worth, Grandma!” 1.3 million people loved the video.

One person said, ‘No soup – no thank you,’ and another added, ‘Don’t play with nana’s soup she never has enufa.’

The following comment was made by someone: ‘Taking this down and implementing this in my dating life, thank you.’

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