The groom was left in a state of surprise when a group of choir students unexpectedly interrupted his wedding rehearsal.

When the Junior Choral Spectrum students at Hingham Middle School in Massachusetts realized that their instructor was getting married, they felt compelled to take action.

Students wanted to recognize Christopher Landis for all of his hard work as he prepared to wed his future wife, Joe.

In light of this, they came up with a surprise they were confident he wouldn’t soon forget. They discussed their plan over brunch the morning of Landis’ wedding. It undoubtedly had the desired outcome.

The young people first showed up unannounced at Landis’ rehearsal before breaking into a magnificent rendition of the Beatles song ‘All You Need Is Love.’

To perfect it for a man who earned it, they had practiced every Sunday for a full month in secret.

What aspect is the best?

From the moment the children enter until the song’s conclusion, Landis is in shattered pieces. He instantly

breaks down in tears as he is shocked and humbled that so many people would go to such extent for him.

Just watching the video demonstrates how much Landis loves ‘his kids,’ as he calls them, and how much they love him back.

Aside from the emotions shown, it’s important to note that this group of kids can sing!

Take a look at this awesome video:

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