This incredible ballerina is living proof that age is just a number! Her silky smooth routine is absolutely mesmerizing. Video

The majority of people believe that life begins at 40; nevertheless, this elderly but gifted woman will show us all that age is but a number.

Distinguished members, Suzelle Poole, or Madame Poole as she is most commonly known.

She is an English poet as well as a ballet dancer. She was a former soloist with the Houston Ballet and is renowned

for carrying on with her ballet career well into her eighties. She is actually 83 years old, which may come as a shock to some.

Ballet dance is challenging and physically demanding, but Poole is demonstrating here that she still has it.

She vividly recalls a bomb going off in her backyard when she was a toddler; fortunately, her family members were unharmed.

They moved to Canada after the war, where Suzelle took her first dance lessons as a young child. Little did she know that this was the beginning of a lifelong journey.

The journey and personal life of Madam Poole
Without a doubt, the 83-year-old dancer is gifted with a natural aptitude for dancing.

At the tender age of 10, Poole started her professional ballet career and began displaying her skills right away.

She performed on stages all over the world thanks to her extraordinary talent and perseverance, and later in her career she married an opera singer who was also a gifted performer.

Suzelle and her husband made their home in Houston, Texas, where she opened her own class and enthusiastically taught

ambitious young ballerinas about her skills. She is affectionately referred to as Madame Poole by her students. She persisted and is still imparting knowledge and inspiring people today.

She wants to impart her vast expertise and experience on aspiring young people as well as on those who are just starting out in ballet.

A gracious ballerina

Poole highlighted her deep love for motivating people in a sincere conversation with Pressreader.

‘I enjoy assisting others. That’s what others around me taught me. Ballet, I think, benefits people. My joy is in dancing.

At my age, it’s absolutely keeping me healthy. It motivates me to exercise. Many people my age just sit around. Dance is a good form of exercise, she claimed.

Madam Poole’s talents and interests, nevertheless, go beyond dancing. She has a strong passion for poetry

and has even written original compositions. Her writings include memorial pieces for her grandfather and a book of poems about kittens.

Suzelle bravely pursues her heart’s ambitions, inspiring us with her wide range of successes.

A popular video

One might be curious about the abilities this amazing 83-year-old ballerina has on stage.
When Madam Poole performed in this YouTube clip, she was still 80 years old.

She displayed her enduring grace and talent by performing the iconic composition ‘Dying Swan’ beautifully.

Suzelle performed the technique ‘en pointe,’which involves dancing while wearing ballet shoes with wooden blocks on the toes, with such delicacy that one hardly noticed the effort required.

Throughout the entire performance, her timeless beauty and grace showed through, captivating both the live audiences and those who watched it online.

Suzelle, despite her advanced age, displayed the extreme power and flexibility required for the ‘Dying Swan’ routine with ease.

A tribute to her extraordinary ballerina skills, every movement she made was as fluid as silk. It would

be difficult for even more inexperienced dancers to match her level of artistry and grace on stage.

Unwavering talent

She has established herself as a source of inspiration through her teaching, writing, and performances,

showing us that there is no age limit on following our passions and appreciating the beauty of life through art.

Suzelle Poole, a legendary ballerina, gives a stunning rendition of ‘Dying Swan.’

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